About Us

Auctions, where buyers find, bid on, and buy items are awesome. The online versions, conducted by professionals, are really special. Online auctions allow you to bid from anywhere for items. To assist you in finding items that you are interested in that might be selling at auction, we created LotNut.

LotNut is NOT an online bidding platform. LotNut is an advanced item level search site that makes it easy for you to find items offered for sale at online auctions. It is a showcase for items that an auctioneer has for sale, no matter what bidding platform they are sold on. With LotNut, you now can search thousands of auctions, with a click, for the stuff you are most interested in: the items.


At LotNut, it is free to get listed as an auctioneer. Click here to get started. Reach buyers in a new way. Show buyers what they want most: the items.


LotNut is where your treasure hunt starts. Use it to search for what interests you the most. Items are at the heart of every auction. Now you can search and find more items at auction in less time. If you find what you seek, then click on the bid now button to try and win your special item.

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